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September 11th to 16th, 2022

@ Colibri Farm in Corfu, Greece



… a place to connect, to set foot & heart on healing grounds. 

… a time to gift to yourself, reviving your inner wisdom and belonging.

… a way to thrive, from deeply within, to shine freely with all you have to offer.

Now is the time, this is the place, to make it all come true – at Colibri Spirit Festival.



Renowned musicians, artists, indigenous tribe leaders, teachers and healers from all over the world have committed themselves to add to our vision and we couldn’t be more excited. Look forward to highlights from well-known & much beloved personlities like PUTANNY and NIXIWAKÁ YAWANAWÁ (Chiefs of the Yawanawá Tribe), NESSI GOMES, APE CHIMBA, MIRABAI CEIBA, KAREEM RAÏHANI, DJ RAIO, SOPHIE SOFREE, DARREN AUSTIN HALL, PEPE DANZA and many more.

As we envisioned a magical inner and outer landing for all our festival longings, it very quickly came together, birthing a festival that comes with the most colorful and harmonious blend of activities, encounters, and so much more that will fill your heart, soul, and mind right up to the brim.

Join us

for six days of Yoga, Meditation, Workshops, Ecstatic Dance, Live World & Medicine Music. Be part of a new festival, a new outlook, a new vibe, bringing more peace, community, and love into this world – from September 11th to 16th, 2022.

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AGAPE ZOE & BALI SPIRIT FESTIVAL at COLIBRI FARM… we are overjoyed to co-create together, pouring all our experience and love for connecting people into one amazing event, in a location that will have you amazed and embraced like no other. Stay tuned for more info on our program!


We are thrilled to cooperate with and be welcomed by the newest addition to the Corfu creator hubs – COLIBRI FARM. Here, you will set foot onto truly blessed grounds, nestled beautifully directly by the ocean, offering you the most breathtaking sunrise and sunset views, nourishing you from its peaceful setting and creative spirit.